Josh & Emma | Bonnie Blues Wedding

I've wanted to get back into weddings for awhile now; several years ago I started getting into wedding shooting, but then life happened (you know the drill- working full time to pay rent, being a full time college student, getting engaged and married myself, etc.) and I got away from photography altogether.

Since picking up the camera again a year ago, I've longed to get back to weddings, because there is something so tender and sacred and beautiful about getting to walk alongside couples on the biggest day of their lives. It is an immense honor to be invited in to help capture the beauty, the intimacy, and the tenderness that weddings bring. That's why I was thrilled when my dear friend Katie, who is herself an incredibly gifted photographer, invited me to help her capture Josh & Emma's big day.

Josh & Emma are such a sweet couple — she's stunning and he is full of enthusiasm for life. They have a wonderfully large family, and it was so lovely to see their loved ones come alongside them with such joy and excitement. They got married on August 31st at Bonnie Blues in Parker, CO.

Highlight of the day — when the sun started going behind the mountain and that light just became MAGICAL and we got photos of them dancing in the sunset. I mean, come on, that light is the stuff of photographer's DREAMS!!

Josh & Emma, CONGRATULATIONS on being married, and thank you for trusting me to come into the sacred alongside you. You make such a beautiful couple.