Noah & Jenna | Palmer Park Maternity Shoot

YOU GUYS. Noah and Jenna are two of the most lovely humans. They have been a part of our church, we go to the same small group, and they help us with our young adults group.... basically, they are some of our best friends. Noah and Isaac are basically the same person — they both nerd out pretty hard to Lord of the Rings, could dive deep into the ins and outs of strategic board games, and they both are tall and wear glasses. Plus they both play the banjo. Come on, that's not all that common! I've learned these past several years that Noah is someone who listens deeply to others and asks thoughtful questions which help bring clarity to that which is sometimes muddy.

And Jenna is one of the most gentle souls I've had the pleasure of meeting. Her compassion and empathy bring rest and healing to weary souls (mine included), and she has a way of drawing others out that is truly a marvel to watch. So when they told us they were pregnant, we were thrilled. Little Emilia Adaline made her entrance just a couple of days after we did this shoot, so we made it just in the nick of time.

Also, side note: no one would know from looking at their faces in these photos, but this shoot was in early January when the wind chill was probably somewhere around zero degrees. Jenna is a champion who managed to withstand the cold in a dress as a nine-month pregnant lady.

Needless to say, I had so much fun capturing this special season for these sweet friends of ours, and we are absolutely in love with little Emi. We love you Smith family!