The Howard Family | Ledges State Park, IA

This was one of the MOST FUN family shoots I have ever gotten to do! It does help that the family I happened to be taking photos of was my brother and sister-in-law and my nieces and nephew ; )

Kyle and Jodi have been married for ten years and have three of the most beautiful, intelligent, creative, fun kids that I have ever met. Considering Kyle was a college football player and Jodi was a college volleyball player (both Division I), I think it's pretty certain that at least a couple of their kiddos will grow up to be star athletes. Zeke (5 years old) has the kind of nonstop energy that you wish you could bottle and sell to other people. He loves all things football, all things sports, and is immensely coordinated. He loves his sisters so much! Naomi (3 years old) is a nurturer. She is overflowing with compassion and kindness, always wanting to take care of her siblings, and her laugh is contagious. Lois (1.5 years old) is a mama's girl through and through - but once you're her friend, you're her friend forever. She has the sweetest smile and gives the sweetest snuggles once she trusts you enough.

I LOVED getting to take photos of this family. Kyle and Jodi are mentors and examples to my husband and I, and our annual Labor Day visits to Iowa are becoming something I look forward to every year. Thank you for welcoming us into your home, for your laughter, for the fun game nights, the deep talks, the outdoor adventures (ie: water balloon fights and smores), and the friendship. We adore you, Howards!