Jacob & Jenny | Cherry Creek Reservoir

OH my goodness, where do I even begin with these two (technically three!!)?!

Jacob and Jenny are two of our very best friends. My husband Isaac has been besties with Jacob since their little league days, when both of their dads were coaches. I met Jacob shortly after I met Isaac, as a 14 year old high school sophomore. We were all part of a tightly knit community, and Jacob's family became like my second family. His parents still mentor Isaac and I, as well as leading the small group that we are a part of through our church. And his little sister is a part of the small group that Isaac and I lead! The Briggs family is dear to our heart.

When Jacob started dating Jenny near the end of our high school years, I remember thinking "oh my gosh she's GORGEOUS!" And then I got to know her, and was even more blown away by her inner beauty. Jenny is adventurous, possibly the smartest person I know (actually though – she's getting her PhD and is flown around the world to speak at physics conferences... like, what?!), and has a heart absolutely in love with Jesus. She and Jacob together radiate grace, compassion, and joy, and they bless everyone around them with the ways they seek to serve. We were in each other's weddings, and now, THEY'VE MADE A BABY!!!

Sweet Eliara Briggs is due to make her grand entrance into the world any day now, and we cannot wait to meet her. In the meantime, getting to celebrate this sweet new life and this beautiful couple by taking their maternity photos was an immense privilege. Eliara, you are already so loved!!